Our Philosophy
YOUTH LAB. are a range of advanced skincare products aiming to enhance skin's metabolism for a healthier, youthful look.

In collaboration with Greek experts, acclaimed in the field of cosmetics, from independent research laboratories, advanced formulas have been technologically developed with natural, herbal, bio- technological and synthetic active ingredients.

Having studied skin’s biology in depth, we realize that the key to unravel  young- looking skin is triggering skin metabolism. During the ageing process, our skin’s metabolism rates, as well as its qualitative and quantitative elements decrease. Each year more and more biological functions move into the slow lane.

However, through age and exposure to constant environmental hazards, (such as smog, smoke and sun), our systems start to perform below average, resulting in slower cell communication and the well known skin disfigurations, such as dullness, dark spots and of course wrinkles.

By selecting the right skin products for us, we can keep our skin’s metabolism in high levels and thus, restore a youthful and healthy look for our skin.  

Each product targets a different skin metabolism function and is enriched with active ingredients, especially designed to balance the specific function.

All YOUTH LAB. products are dermatologically tested, parabens free (and free from all questionable ingredients for that matter), including Cleansing and Hydrating formulas, Face MasksAnti-aging products and CC creams.
Body Care and Sunscreen products.