1. Why should I choose YOUTH LAB.?
Through continuous exploration and scientific research, we created YOUTH LAB. products with technologically advanced formulas that treat aging through a modern perspective such as the reset and the gradual youth “building".

A fundamental advantage of YOUTH LAB. products is the advanced formulas, of natural, herbal and bio-technological ingredients to enhance the most important laboratory of the human body, the skin.
Through studying the basic biological functions, we developed effective formulas that achieve the deep penetration and the gradual release of the active ingredients, ensuring the maximum efficacy and duration of action.

As a result we created dermatologically tested products, Paraben free, easy to absorb, smooth texture and pleasant fragrance that reinforce the skin tissue and finally redefine its youth! That’s why you should choose YOUTH LAB.!

2. What’s products lifetime after opening?
YOUTH LAB. products are specially marked packaging that indicates the lifetime of the product from the moment you open it! But more generally YOUTH LAB. products are suitable for use for 24 months after opening!

3. My skin is sensitive can I feel safe when using YOUTH LAB. products?
YOUTH LAB. products are Dermatologically tested, PARABEN Free , Non Comedogenic and suitable for using even in sensitive skin! If you wish a specialized product just for sensitive skin please prefer Daily Cleanser _Normal / Dry Skin , Deep Moisture Cream _ Dry/Sensitive Skin or Daily Sunscreen Gel Cream SPF 50 Normal/Dry Skin!

4. Do YOUTH LAB. cleasners dehydrate the skin?
Youth Lab Cleansers do not dehydrate the skin because of their unique formula in mild surfactants, cleansing agents that remove impurities and make up without irritating and disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance while they boost hydration due to their moisturizing benefits.

5. What non- comedogenic means?
Non comedogenic is every cosmetic formula that does not cause black heads and blogged pores to the skin.